Why I joined Students of the World-Daleah

By Daleah Wilkerson

“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything” – Albert Einstein

One day a friend of mine was leaving. She did this frequently on Wednesdays and I asked her where she was going. She quickly and enthusiastically told me “to STUDENTS OF THE WORLD!” I had not heard of the group on campus and wanted to know more, but before I could ask she was out the door straight on to her meeting.

Riddled with homework, and other events found in a typical student’s life, I didn’t search more into the group, but the name stuck with me. It sounded interesting and I later went to meeting to see what it was about. The group is initially as the name states, a group of students focused around making change in the world. But as I have spent more time in Students of World, or SOW, it has become so much more than that.We are not just some people located in a common place attempting to do what many other globally conscious groups do. We are people from different backgrounds and cultures that share a common bond; to ignite social change using the ever present medium of social media.

Yes social media.

The social media being anything from photography, journalism, video and even this blog! Media surrounds us day to day, from the apps we download to the films and TV shows we stream online, and in most cases is where we get our news. As the world continues to connect on a global scale it has become more apparent what social problems exist and the potential to solve these problems with positive change. SOW operates from this global standpoint, not in a way where our focus is on massive global change but instead seeking to ignite positive change at a local level. For example, here in Chapel Hill, our present focus is education on a communal scale.

We are currently backing projects that benefit education for prisoners and immigrants that are in the area. Not only does out current project seek to educate those considered separate from society, but also to highlight the problem and spur change in the opinion of the public. From SOW’s hashtag #mediaforgood it is apparent what this group stands for. It is people trying to help other people to create a better world one film, tweet, photo, communal event, etc. at a time. We use the media we love and that is ever present to incite social change, and this is why I joined this group.



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