The Road to Higher Learning

By Kristi Walker

A lot of talk in North Carolina is focused on education. The benefits of well-educated citizens are unquestionable. With this in mind, our chapter is excited to announce that education will be the centerpiece of our media campaign for the rest of the school year. All of our main portfolio projects will have an education-driven theme. As highlighted in earlier posts, our first project is concentrated on Enrich ESL, a student organization in Chapel Hill that offers free English classes to people in the community.

We hope to continue the theme of education with our new project: a detailed look at the role education plays in prisons. We have already begun researching this important, but often overlooked, issue. We have started gathering resources, meeting with organizations such as the Internationalist Book Collective and contacting experts and previously incarcerated individuals. Once our research is complete, we will send a group to visit the Orange Correctional Center to conduct interviews and gather footage. We envision that this project will offer a myriad of mediums in which we can use to capture the stories that we find, which include documentaries, photos, information graphics and written reports.

While education of incarcerated individuals will be the driving force of our project, we will also pursue a number of side projects that tie back into our main theme. Possibilities include covering the new statewide testing program in North Carolina, interviewing educators about their decision to enter the profession and talking to state representatives and senators about the current education system and recent legislation.

Keep an eye out for more updates as we flesh out our projects. Whether it is prison education, teacher interviews or discussions with state politicians, we hope to present these issues in a way that is both relevant and engaging. We invite you to join in on the discussion, share your views and maybe even learn something along the way.


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