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The Road to Higher Learning

By Kristi Walker

A lot of talk in North Carolina is focused on education. The benefits of well-educated citizens are unquestionable. With this in mind, our chapter is excited to announce that education will be the centerpiece of our media campaign for the rest of the school year. All of our main portfolio projects will have an education-driven theme. As highlighted in earlier posts, our first project is concentrated on Enrich ESL, a student organization in Chapel Hill that offers free English classes to people in the community.
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Enriching the community through a love of language

Student-led tutoring program teaches English to immigrants in Carrboro-Chapel Hill

By Zach Potter

Moving is tough for anyone. Getting used to a new city, finding new friends and learning how to get around are all difficult. Add in learning a whole new language and it can be downright overwhelming.

Enrich ESL, a student volunteer organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, aims to break down the language barriers many immigrants face upon arriving in North Carolina.

By providing one-on-one English tutoring, Enrich gives people in Chapel Hill and Carrboro a chance to learn the language while developing personal connections to the students that tutor them.
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Blue & White

Check us out in Blue & White magazine. Their article includes interviews with chapter president Wynton Wong and design lead Zach Potter. It also offers a look into our pilot project on Enrich ESL, a student-run organization that offers free English tutoring around Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Pick up a print copy or click the link to read online.